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Eat More to Lose Weight?

It wouldn’t be the start of a new year without talking about nutrition.

As we kick off 2023, many people find themselves motivated to dial in their nutrition to help support their body composition or performance goals. So how are you planning to kick off the new year? 

Are you cutting out sugar or trying a diet like keto, paleo, or carnivore?

What if you could approach nutrition this year in a way that doesn’t require you to cut out any of your favourite foods and still get the results you want? Is that even possible? 

Let’s find out! 

More, Not Less

When it comes to dieting to start the new year, most people opt for a restrictive approach to their nutrition. When looking to lose excess body fat or change their body composition, people often default to cutting out certain food groups that they believe to be problematic. 

Motivated new year’s dieters will cut out sugar, eat fewer carbs, eat less fat or try a diet with a clear list of foods that are IN and foods that are OUT to jumpstart their New Year’s resolutions. 

While this approach can work, a restrictive approach to dieting can sometimes lead to short-term progress but long-term disappointment. If you cut out foods you enjoy to lose weight, many people inevitably run out of motivation and end up returning to old habits. 

If restrictive diets have failed you in the past, a better approach is to focus on the foods you should ADD to your diet instead of the things you should cut out.

By prioritizing a higher protein and veggie intake and proper hydration, you could see the body composition changes you are aiming for without having to cut out any of your favourite foods.


Focus On Your Protein & Veggies

Focus on your protein and veggie intake at every meal this week and see how your nutrition, cravings, and digestion improve without cutting out your favourite foods. 

If you need something to aim for, try to get a palm size portion of protein (2 for men) at every meal along with two cupped handfuls of veggies. This should make it easy to ensure you are hitting the right quantities without having to deal with a food scale!

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