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Importance Of Sleep

We believe there are four factors to an overall healthy lifestyle and it all starts with Sleep.  More often than not when someone approaches us for Nutrition coaching, it is solely focused on food.  Rarely do they think about the contributing factors such as sleep, exercise or stress.

By now we should all know that sleep is more important than previously thought.  Sure, we can get away with a few nights at the cottage with limited sleep, poor food choices and feel pretty good – absolutely, that’s called enjoying life.

What if you did this a few times a week? 

Chances are things would start to spiral out of control.  Lack of sleep leads to poor choices.  All of a sudden you don’t have time to prepare breakfast, so you stop at the local drive-thru on the way to work for an egg and bacon wrap.  Seems fine, but probably has your total daily recommended sodium in one meal.

Then lunch comes around and you’re probably not hungry, so you opt for some black coffee and maybe that chocolate chip cookie that the company always has in the lunch room.  By the time dinner rolls around, you’re probably so tired that you just order something quick and easy like a pizza – yum, who doesn’t love pizza!

At face value you may think it was a bad day and right it off.

Was it just a bad day or is it a habit?

Where do you start? What would you change? How will you change it? 

We all have good intentions, maybe we just don’t know where to start and that’s really the key – just start!

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